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Hey look, yet another vanilla retexture mod


All jokes aside, this mod originally was called "Spanish Army Strike" (or SAS for short) and was created by Fermox, who sadly retired from the modding scene and left me in charge of the project.


This mod follows the footsteps of its predecessor and aims to provide a lore friendly Spain faction by using only vanilla items, however, external assets may be introduced if they fit the 2035 theme. 


While the assets contained here attempt to make sense within the ARMA 3 lore, there might be some that are also included just for fun.


This mod is still a work in progress and things are subject to change. However its developent stage has reached the point where I am comfortable sharing it and promoting it.


Does it sound good? You can get it on Steam!




  • Four factions with Desert, Woodland, Winter and Black equipment, with several variations.
  • Vehicles also have plenty of different textures to choose from by using the Virtual Garage.
  • Units have european faces
  • Units have Spanish names and surnames
  • CBRN and stealth uniforms and helmets
  • Much more!



Down below I'll list the most noteworthy items included in the mod and provide a brief explanation of their function within the lore. 






  • Land
  • Hunter MRAP: Standard armored transport vehicle. It's mine resistent and can be equipped with a remote controlled 12.7 HMG or 40mm GMG.


  • Offroad: Standard utility vehicle. Powered by a diesel V6 engine, this 4x4 pickup truck is used to move small groups of people or cargo.

           It can be outfitted with a bed cover, communications equipment and police lights. A M2 50.cal HMG can be mounted on the vehicle's bed if needed, however the operator should be aware that the Offroad does not have any kind of ballistic protection as this vehicle is not normally used in any combat scenarios.


  • Kamaz:  Main heavy utility land vehicle. Old but reliable. The Kamaz trucks can transport personnel and cargo wherever its needed. Its easy maintenance and remarkable reliability come at the cost of its lack of ballistic protection.

            The Ministry of Defense is studying replacing them by the much newer and armored HEMTTs in the future.


  • Quadbike: Small gasoline powered ATV. Only seats two and has no armor, but it can transport personnel over most terrains at relatively high speeds.


  • FV-720 Pizarro II: Spain's main IFV. Can seat up to 8 passengers.


  • AFV-4 Gorgon: Spain's main APC. Its armed with a 30mm autocannon, a 7.62 LMG and two Titan ATGMs. Its amphibious and can accomodate up to 8 passengers. An unarmed medical variant is also available. (Waterbreak is usable)


  • CRV-6 Panther: This engineering vehicle is equipped to repair and rearm other vehicles in the field, and has also been outfitted with a plow to assist on demining operations. (Yes it actually works)


  • IFV-6m Panther: Unarmed variant displaying medical markings. Since the vehicle is not intended for any combat roles, the gunner and commander seats have been removed. Its equipped to treat injured infantry.


  • IFV-6a Cheetah: Armed with two 20 milimiter autocannons and 4 guided missiles, the Cheetah is Spain's main anti aircraft vehicle. 


  • AWC Trasgu: A light tankette used for recon and as a SHORAD system. Comes in two variants; the 302, equipped with a RCWS 50 cal/missile turret and the 303 which is an unarmed radar system.


  • Centaur IV MGS: A light tank hunter. Packs a big punch and is very mobile but lacks armor. A version fitted with reactive armor and an additional RCWS 50 cal. turret is also available.


  • MBT-52 Kuma: Spain's main battle tank.



  • Helicopters
  • WY-55 Hellcat: In use by the Navy and Air Force, the Hellcat is Spain's light transport helicopter. Outfitted with a FLIR camera/Spotlight combo, it excels in search and rescue operations.
    Winglets can be mounted on both sides, adding 4 hardpoints where rockets and miniguns can be outfitted, making it also suitable for CAS and CSAR roles. The Army is considering adding them to their roster.


  • AH-99 Blackfoot: Used by all branches, the Blackfoot is Spain's main attack helicopter. There are few currently in service due to their high unitary cost, so the Ministry of Defense is looking for alternatives to expand the fleet.


  • CH-49 Mohawk: The CH-49 Mohawk is the Spanish Navy workhorse. Whether the mission is troop transport, a supply run or search and rescue, the Mohawk can accomplish whatever is thrown at it.

           More than 90 units are in service as of 2035, being used by both the Spanish Air Force and Navy.


  • CH-67 Huron: The CH-67 Huron is a vital asset for the Spanish Army's logistics group. Based on the tested and proven CH-47 Chinook platform, it was introduced on 2030 and continues to deliver tonnes of cargo, personnel and vehicles anywhere in the battlefield.


  • Planes
  • F/A-181 Blackwasp II: The Blackwasp II is an all weather, multirole stealth fighter. It was supposed to replace the very dated F/A-18 As the Air Force had but only a handful of units were purchased due to their high cost, so the Ministry of Defense decided to buy F-37Cs instead. The deal has not been closed yet, but its almost official.

           As of now, F/A- 181s are excusively used for precision air strike missions and have been assigned to the Navy's Carrier Air Wing and the Air Force's 20th Attack Wing.


  • A-149 Gryphon: A light weight and very agile aircraft used for interception.  Due to its very thin armor and few pylons this aircraft is mainly used to defend the national airspace and intercept other aircraft that violate no fly zones.


  • Caesar LMT: Made in partnership with Sparky Dynamics, the Light Military Trainer features a military grade avionics suite including the option to connect to external power, passive radar systems and FLIR camera*.

            Its used by the Air Force to train new pilots and by the Navy for border and customs enforcement.


  • VTOL
  • V-44 X Blackfish: The V-44X Blackfish’s third-generation tilt-rotor VTOL technology allows this long endurance aircraft to conveniently utilize a wide range of airfields and runways and even operate from aircraft carriers if needed. In use by the Navy and Air Force.


  • TA-24 Sea Dragon: The TA-24 is an unconventionally-designed VTOL aircraft that combines twin tail-mounted, rotating jet engine nozzles with a ducted fan wing setup developed by Sparky Dynamics and White Trail Aerospace. Loved by SOF teams and hated by mechanics and maintenance crews, it was reverse engineered from the Chinese Y-32 Xi'an and was intended to be a naval replacement for the Blackfish.


          However its service time was short lived due to the very high flight and maintenance costs paired with the aircraft's high instability and accident proneness. It was in service for only 3 years and never saw any combat.

          Out of the 15 units produced, 7 were lost in accidents and only 3 remain airworthy, with the rest being either used for spare parts or displayed at museums. To this day, how the schematics were acquired still remains a mystery...


  • Naval
  • Speedboat:  Light patrol vessel used by the Navy. Armed with a 40mm GMG and a rear mounted minigun. Mainly used for coastal patrol.


  • RHIB: The rigid-hulled inflatable boat, is a light-weight but high-performance and high-capacity boat  used by all branches to transport special operation forces.


  • Drones
  • MQ-4A Grayhawk: Fixed-wing Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle. Used for surveillance and tactical strikes. Only in service in the Air Force. Manufactured under license locally by Sparky Dynamics.


  • Stomper UGV:  Remote controlled unmanned ground combat vehicle designed for reconnaissance, surveillance and support. Manufactured under license locally by Sparky Dynamics and Pegasus Motors Defense.



  • Weapons


  • Promet 6.5mm: Standard issued rifle. Introduced after 6.5mm caseless ammunition became the NATO standard, Spain decided not to purchase the new 6.5mm G36 rifles based on the negative feedback recived by ground troops using the previous variant. 
  • MX-E: This variant of the MX family has no notable differences from the original other than the markings. It's produced under license in Spain by Echelon Weaponry Solutions and used exclusively by Spanish special forces due to its low weight and minimal thermal profile. EWS only produces the following variants: MX-E and MXM-E.
  • MK200: Standard issued LMG. Chambered in 6.5mm, it replaced the MG4.
  • ADR-97C TR: Compact submachinegun chambered in 5.7mm. Used by vehicle crews for self defense and by black ops team Chrysalis members.
  • Protector 9mm: PDW used by pilots and air crews for self defense.
  • P09: Standard issued sidearm.



  • Units and other noteworthy entities
  • Chrysalis: A very secretive Black Operations unit. They perform unsantioned operations throughout the world. They are comprised by the best of the best and it's considered the unofficial pathway to join CTRG within the Spanish armed forces.
  • 20th Wing: Formed in 2010, the 20th Wing focuses exclusively on ground attack. They operate multiple types of aircraft and are the only squadron within the Air Force to operate attack helicopters. Their mascot and motto have been subject to controversy in the past.
  • Sparky Dynamics: Spanish defense company. They produce military hardware such as heavy weaponry, radio equipment, avionics and also software. Sparky Dynamics owns several different companies involved in military developments as well.
  • Pegasus Motors Defense: Japanese-German company. They develop and manufacture military vehicles. PMD is owned by Sparky Dynamics.
  • Echelon Weaponry Solutions: Spanish small arms manufacturer. Owned by Sparky Dynamics.
  • White Trail Aerospace: Japanese company that specializes on satellites and special aircraft parts, among other things. Owned by Sparky Dynamics.
  • Asturcon Textile: Clothing brand that specialices on military and law enforcement gear. Owned by Sparky Dynamics.



  • Add Marines and rework the Navy faction
  • Add and fix some textures
  • Add the Caesar's new avionics suite (*)
  • Smooth the Bobcat's plow and Gorgon waterbreak's animations
  • Restore the Medevac vehicles' commander seat
  • Add other vehicles
  • Fix the bugs shown below



  • Armed Huron will spawn with US door gunners. I currently don't know how to fix this
  • Textures might be a bit distorted in some places. There's nothing I can do since it's due to PAA compression.
  • Medevac vehicles don't have custom interiors (yet) Nothing I can do since that would require editing the 3D models and it's not allowed.
  • Inventory icons need to be replaced by custom images as they are using the vanilla ones.
  • Some item names might only be shown in English. 



  • -=FerMoX=-, for developing the original project, helping me with coding and for introducing me to ARMA 3 modding
  • Jove Chiere, for his texturing tips and overall help with the project.
  • Buckweiser, whom I comissioned the commemorative Ala 20 tail art from.


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As armaholic is closed, ... possibility to have a non-Steam download too ? 



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