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Some PS4/5 love

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With the release of this game there comes no specific forum for the Play Station community?  This game is very fun and it has a ton of potential to grow.  I was watching people on YouTube play this game for a few months and watching for a release date for the Play Station.  It finally came out and has delivered as far as the fun meter goes!  The problem with the blue screen boots is a problem that has to be dealt with fast.  You do not want to lose players as fast as you have gained them over the past 2 weeks since release on PS.  I myself have patience and enough love for the game to wait for future patches but there will be a ton of people that don't share the same trait and jump ship if you can't fix this problem fast.  Rolling solo I have not got the blue screen boot yet, it always happens when I play with a team member.  It definitely has something to do with loading in a team.  

I loved Day Z.  The user interface for that game on console was really horrible though and tough to manage.  Vigor does not have that clunky problem and that is very nice.  I am also glad I don't have to drive a car in reverse just waiting for the screen to freeze and the car to crash once the screen unfreezes!  This game doesn't give other players the ease of smashing apart your shelter in minutes after it took you a couple days to build it also.  It still does offer the same adrenaline rush from fire fights and the reward of stealth when needed and that's what I loved about Day Z and really love about Vigor.  Please be more "vigorous" with this game than BI was with Day Z on console.  You have a great game with a lot of potential.  

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