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Waypoints connecting issues

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Wondering if anyone can shed some light on this. I have a scenario where i have two waypoints for 'Get in' connected to a 'load' waypoint (2 groups loading onto a helicopter) but only one seems to work for some reason? Does anyone know why? This wasn't an issue in any previous games.


Also the same for multiple 'join' waypoints for a 'join and lead'.

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Yes, it seems you need to double load waypoints (one for each group get in). You can place them very close.
Something working as loop:
- 1 helicopter with enough seats (on ground) . 1st waypoint "load", 2nd waypoint "load" (close) 3rd "move" 4th... last but one wpt "transport unload" , last wpt "cycle" synced to 2nd load

- 1st group with 1st waypoint "get in"  synced to 1st wpt "load" of the helo, 2nd wpt "get out" synced to "transport unload" of the helo, 3rd wpt "cycle" synced to the 1st wpt "get in" of this group

- 2nd group , same. The wpt "get in" must be synced to the 2nd wpt "load" of the helo.  It shares the same "transport unload" as synced following wpt. Then "cycle on the 1st wpt of this group.


For behavior in combat, see this post.

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