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No massage received problem

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Hey, I have a problem when I start a new game.
after few seconds when the game starts I cant move or shoot and this massage appears:
"No Massage received for X seconds"
and a red icon on the right.
What should I need to do? thanks

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Hi @osseyal,
Usually it's caused by poor network.
Since some servers are hosted on private machine, both (client and server) can be responsible.

I would suggest you to try to restarting your modem and/or router,
connect to it using cable instead of wireless (WiFi) and even if there's not much servers online, a server on which you get lowest ping possible.

If nothing helped... maybe you could try to host a mission and see if people are able to connect and play.
It could help you determine if the issue is coming from your side or the server.

I would appreciate a nice "Massage" too 😉

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