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multiple #include hpp and class compatibilities for multiple displays

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What if you create some rscTitles classes , inherited from some rscText or rscPicture in an hpp file, and then you play with mods including also displays with their own references to rscText or rscPicture?


In other words, I'd like to understand if it's possible to define some basic things like:

#define CT_STATIC               0
#define CT_PROGRESS        8
#define ST_VERTICAL          1
#define ST_CENTER             2
#define ST_PICTURE          48

in an hpp file...  #included in description.ext (or in a config.cpp form mod), and then, what if there is another hpp from a mod with these things already defined?


And what occurs if there are two different rscText or rscPicture (basic class, not inherited) in two different hpp? Is there a "winner" or that doesn't really matter for the displays?



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I have always defined the parent classes in file and included that file to description.ext without problems. If you do this there should be no conflict with the same classes defined in mod, because mod classes are defined in configFile and mission classes (description.ext) in missionConfigFile


I include files like this: https://pastebin.com/AfuHCgbF


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