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Jimi Markkanen

Script showing unconcious units on map

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I'm trying to create a script which would show ACE-unconcious units on the map within a certain radius as markers. This is for a medical scenario to act as a way for the AI groups to ask for medical support, to let the player be aware of unconcious AI units on the field.


Quickly going through ace github I found "IS_UNCONCIOUS(_unit)" which could be helpful but to be honest, my scripting knowledge is quite narrow. I hope someone can be of help to me.


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Really could use some help here. If someone can help even with having a marker appear on condition that would be helpful. 

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@Jimi Markkanen, I don't use ACE but I can provide some code.

First, add this code to some of event scripts (e. g., initPlayerLocal.sqf):

drawUnconsciousUnitIcons = compileFinal (preprocessFileLineNumbers "drawUnconsciousUnitIcons.sqf");

_display = displayNull;

waitUntil {
    _display = findDisplay 12;

    !(isNull _display)

(_display displayCtrl 51) ctrlAddEventHandler ["Draw", { call drawUnconsciousUnitIcons; }];

Second, create drawUnconsciousUnitIcons.sqf file and add this content into it:

params ["_control"];

    if ((_x getVariable ["IS_UNCONCIOUS", false]) and { (vehicle _x) == _x }) then {
        _control drawIcon [
            getText (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> (typeOf _x) >> "icon"),
            [1, 0, 0, 1],
            getPosASLVisual _x,
            getDirVisual _x,
            name _x,
} forEach allPlayers;

It's all.

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