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Using OLD MAN modules without init. module?

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Hi, it could be interesting to use the "relationship" and "awareness" modules from the OLD MAN campaign to create a sort of vanilla "incognito" system. Is it possible to use them without the Old man init? module, as stated in the description of the modules. If not, could one create a scripted "init" for them, and how?

Thank you all. 

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2 hours ago, pierremgi said:

Probably not.

Imho, you'll save time if you create your own relationship and awareness tools but you can have a look at :



Thanks, Pierre!

I'm aware of that page (is the first place I looked)....but was hoping some script-wizard had come up with a little workaround. As you mentioned, I'm better off with a script solution.

Again, thank you anyway for the input.

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