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Problem with gear and units randomization

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So I am making a small addon for my group that is just a simple config file using assets from other mods from our modline (mainly 4 rhs, 3cb factions and dhi uniforms)

I`ve already done 1 faction (USMC early 00s) and everything works as intended. I copied those files to create new faction (rgfc). I changed all required pathings and names of files, however it doesn't seem to be working properly.


1) Problem with randomizer script.



In config.cpp I define:

class CfgFunctions{
	#include "functions.hpp"

in functions.hpp I define:

class Znc
	tag = "Znc";
	class functions
		class random {file = "RGFC\functions\fn_randomrgfcarid.sqf";};

And finally in infantry.hpp I have:

class B_Soldier_F;
class NN_i_RGFC_Soldier_Arid_AKM: B_Soldier_F
	class EventHandlers
			init = "[(_this select 0)] call Znc_fnc_randomrgfcarid";

Units are present in editor, and I can place them. However, there is no randomization of their equipment. For my USMC faction everything works properly.

I am not sure, but maybe it has something to do with uniform restrictions? I tried changing sides of RGFC but that didn't help either. I also tried using randomizer script for usmc uniforms, didn't work.

Randomizer script:


private "_this";
_this = _this select 0;

_uniform = selectrandom [
"uk3cb_tka_o_u_combatuniform_01_adpm", "uk3cb_tka_o_u_combatuniform_01_adpm",
"uk3cb_tka_o_u_combatuniform_02_adpm", "uk3cb_tka_o_u_combatuniform_02_adpm",

_headgear = selectrandom [ 
"uk3cb_tka_i_h_ssh68_khk", "uk3cb_tka_i_h_ssh68_khk",
"uk3cb_tka_i_h_ssh68_oli", "uk3cb_tka_i_h_ssh68_oli", 

_vest = selectrandom [

_magazines = magazines _this;
_items = items _this; // Medkits, ToolKits etc.
_assitems = assignedItems _this; // NVG's, GPS etc.

_this forceadduniform _uniform;
_this addheadgear _headgear;
_this addvest _vest;

{_this addItem _x} forEach _items;
{_this addMagazine _x} forEach _magazines;
{_this addItem _x} forEach _assitems;
{_this assignItem _x} forEach _assitems;




2) Problem with gear.hpp and weapons.hpp


In config.cpp I define:

class CfgVehicles{
	#include "infantry.hpp"
	#include "gear.hpp"

class CfgWeapons{
	#include "Weapons.hpp"

In gear.hpp:

	class rhs_sidor;
	class NN_sidor_rpk: rhs_sidor
        displayname = "Sidor"; //In-Game Name
        scope = 1;

        class TransportItems //Items it's carrying
            class rhs_75rnd_762x39mm //Item Classname
                name = "rhs_75rnd_762x39mm";
                count = 4; 

In weapons.hpp:

	class uk3cb_svd_old; //Predefining Inheritence class - VERY IMPORTANT  
	class NN_svd_old_pso: uk3cb_svd_old
        scope = 2;
        displayName = "SVD";
        class LinkedItems
            class LinkedItemsOptic //Attachment: Optics
                slot = "CowsSlot";
                item = "rhc_acc_pso1m2";

Marksman doesn't have a scope.

Dude with backpack gives me error: Bad vehicle type NN_sidor_rpk


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Small update.

I`ve been trying to fix problem #1 for few days now.

Just after posting it here I realized that in functions.hpp there should be

class random_ARID {file = "RGFC\functions\fn_random_arid.sqf";};

still no juice.

I just copied everything once again and new version seems to be working properly. No idea why, just arma things I guess.


As for bad vehicle type error and gear.hpp I edited wrong file by mistake lol.


No scope on SVD still solved, misspelled classname.

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