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Kasserine Pass Terrain (WIP)

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Hey everybody, first off I'd like to apologize if this is not the correct area to post as this terrain is still extremely WIP. But it seems Alpha versions of mods are welcome here.


With that out of the way, I'd like to post the link to my first attempt at a terrain and get some feedback from the community on ways I can improve. The terrain I've chosen to recreate is the area NW of Kasserine in Tunisia known as the Kasserine Pass. My main goal for choosing this area is the fact that there really isn't much located here. I figure it would be a good start at attempting the terrain because its devoid of any complicated terrain features and might be a good place to start on getting down the basics of masking the terrain and creating satmaps.


As of right now, the terrain just features some vegetation, two main roads, and a dried up river running through the middle. My goal for this map is an accurate depiction of the area in 1943. My references are limited when it comes to photos, but I've used google maps images of the area to try and get an idea of the vegetation and overall landscape. I do not currently have plans of putting in a town in the middle of the valley (as there is today) since, from what I can tell, that town didn't really exist in 1943.


I would appreciate if people could give it a download and point to some areas where I could improve, especially in the realm of my terrain textures.








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