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Vertically algin text in RscText

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Why is my RSC text not centered?

Here's my RSC class:

#define ST_CENTER 0x02

class MyRscStructuredText {
  idc = -1;
  type = CT_STRUCTURED_TEXT;  // defined constant
  style = ST_CENTER;          // defined constant
  x = 0.1;
  y = 0.1;
  w = 0.1;
  h = 0.1;
  size = 0.018;
  text = "";
  class Attributes {
    font = "TahomaB";
    color = "#000000";
    align = "center";
    valign = "middle";
    shadow = false;
    shadowColor = "#ff0000";
    size = "1";

Here's the implementation:

_item = _display ctrlCreate ["MyRscStructuredText", -1];
_item ctrlSetPosition [0,0,0.0,0.0];
_item ctrlSetText "X";
_item ctrlSetBackgroundColor [1, 0, 0, 1];
_item ctrlSetTextColor [1,1,1,1];


While it appears to be horizontally aligned, why is it not vertically aligned? Why is valign being ignored?

I just want that white x to be in the dead center of the red box, I don't mind what type the RSC is. Setting it to Structured Text doesn't appear to be doing anything anyway

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