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Liberation of Altis [sp/3COOP] BETA

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Liberation of Altis is a single-player mission with multiplayer support for a maximum of 3 total players. Currently, the mission uses the Warlords systems as it comes closest to the mission I want to make and I'm not good enough at coding to write my own systems to make it exactly how I'd like. That being said I am still actively working on the mission and it is still in beta, the goal of posting this early is to get feedback on what people think of my project and to get feedback as to how I can improve it as I go. I am looking for help in developing the mission whether you're a graphic designer or scripter, or even a map builder. 


Colonel Willian Hill, a NATO peace-keeper has been sent to lead a small task force in Altis in response to reports of OpFor launching a total hostile takeover. Due to the nature of the situation and current relations between NATO and Altis, only two other men we allowed to accompany Hill. NATO believes that if the reports are true, Hill should be able to gain the support of local rebels to help return Altis to a free state. NATO has also authorized Hill to seize any vehicle he deems beneficial to the mission.


At the very beginning of the mission, the player will spawn in as Colonel William Hill, a regular squad leader unit with 2 accompanying riflemen. On the map will be marked the location of "survivors" who are currently being hunted by OpFor forces. if the player manages to save the squads from OpFor they will join the player in their mission. There will also be some trucks marked as "utility vehicles' but will be guarded by OpFor troops. Upon spawning in the player will also notice a Prowler at the spawn point which is intended to be used to quickly get around the map in the beginning. After the player rescues the survivors the player should choose the first town to liberate, which should be the town in between the player and the AAC airport (which will be used as the player's base of operations after it's been cleared) and then head for the AAC airport and clear it of hostiles and prepare for a long warlords-like campaign. It was intended to be where the player could lead a massive army divided up into teams (using red team, white team, blue team, so on so forth) where players could attack multiple locations at once which is why multiplayer support was added. However, due to the limitations of the Warlords systems, this is currently not possible. The player is still able to assign units to teams and have them attack locations independently (i.e. the player could order their teams to attack sectors while the player stays back at the base since there are currently no respawn mechanics in place). Sector income has been reduced to make the rescue objectives more critical. There have also been different vehicles scattered throughout the map for the player to acquire, from offroads to tanks.


Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2278581768

Github: (coming soon)


Other links

Discord: https://discord.gg/cRgrH54BKs

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