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Apocalypse 83

Operation: Iron Fist - WW4EXT Arctic Campaign

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After years in the making, I'm finally proud to present Operation: Iron Fist, a campaign reimagining for the WW4 Extended - Arctic mod.

Operation: Iron Fist

Embark on a series of foolhardy suicide missions from the orders of Colonel Blake, in an attempt to avoid a nuclear catastrophe on Everon.
An entire tank division, two squadrons of helicopter gunships and 1000 of the Red Army's finest troops are at the command of the rogue Genaral Guba on the
island of Kolgujev.

With the help of Lieutenant Armstrong, Nicholls and Hammer - Major James Gastovski must turn the tide of the confilct, and prevent WW3.



There are detailed briefings for each mission that should give you enough info. Please read these through at the beginning of each mission if you are unsure.

Take time before each mission to check your weapon load outs for your team. There are plenty of weapons, ammo and equipment to choose from, please arm your team
accordingly to your own preference.

You must have basic knowledge of commanding a team of AI players as you will be the team leader for all but one of the missions (04-Maverick). Order your team to
hold fire, open fire, engage at will and select formation depending on the situation.

I have added a mission guide in notepad form within the download for anyone that is struggling with the missions. Anybody that has completed the original Cold War Crisis campaign should know what they are doing.

Finally, if you can't complete this campaign then you should consider yourself a rank amatuer who has no place in special forces. Colonel Blake is ashamed of you.


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Thanks for making this!


1st ever campaign for WW4 Extended? Deserves an automatic like.


I played it through and it was good.


I was slightly disapointed you haven't thrown in couple of entirely original missions to prolong the feeling of SF unit on their own and with their chosen equipment. But hey, no place to complain when somebody does something like this in their spare time for us to play!


Thank you again.

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You're welcome, I'm glad you gave it a go!

It took me so long to edit and test the missions, I didn't really have time for anyting else. I'm actually surprised I managed to get it all working.

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