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Requires my pook_Camonets mod!   https://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29908






Soviet-heritage ATGM's:


  • 9K11/9M14 'Malyutka' ('Little One') (NATO: AT-3 'Spandrel')
  • 9K11P/9M14P 'Malyutka' ('Little One') (NATO: AT-3C 'Spandrel')
  • 9K111 'Fagot' ('Bassoon') (NATO: AT-4 'Spigot')
  • 9K113 'Konkurs'('Contest') (NATO: AT-5 'Spandrel')
  • 9K135 'Kornet' (NATO: AT-14 'Spriggan')
  • Per-faction Ammo Packs, AAT Soldiers, and deployable camo nets
  • Customizable camo net textures (including snow camo)



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