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El' Rabito

Change PIN for doors/gates etc.

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What it does: This enables PIN code change on objects like doors/gates/hatches/drawbridges etc. So you don't have to remove and replace an object to change the PIN code.

1. Replace the code of @ExileServer\addons\exile_server\code\ExileServer_object_lock_network_setPin.sqf with the code from Github.

2. Add this to class Construction of the CfgInteractionMenus inside mission config.cpp

			class ChangePinCode : ExileAbstractAction
				title = "Change PIN";
				condition = "((ExileClientInteractionObject getvariable ['ExileIsLocked',1]) isEqualTo 0) && (call ExileClient_util_world_isInOwnTerritory)";
				action = "_this spawn ExileClient_object_lock_setPin";

# License Info: If you server is named KFB (Kentucky Fried Bambi) you have no permission to use this. Any violation will result in a DMCA.

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Updated: Added a "Territory under attack" check for changing pincodes at territories similar to the other building functions like moving, building, removing, upgrading.

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