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Looking to build a team

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Hello! I'm looking for scripters/coders to help me with a project I'd like to make. This will be a long-term project but I'm only asking for one hour a day from each person. I want to combine features from the Old Man game mode and Warlords game mode for a sort of "hearts and minds" conquest game mode, me and a friend of mine will be laying out and building the map, we just need a helping hand or two to help us with the coding and scripting.
Our project will be called "Altis Rising" and will be about how the player's character gets tired of all the fighting between the Altis army, Csat, and NATO and decides to try and bring peace to the island through expelling the other forces, or put more simply conquest. If this is something that may interest you and you'd like to help please let me know with a comment. Also leave in the comments a way I might contact you. Thanks in advance


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