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Get active weapon of non-primary turret.

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If I want to get the active weapon of a vehicle's primary turret ("gunner" position) I simply do this:

_weaponClass = currentWeapon (vehicle player);

However, how am I meant to get the active weapon of a non-primary turret such as the commander turret?

I've got a feeling it's not possible. I am irritated and gobsmacked. There are literally no commands to get the current weapon for a non primary turret. No way to get "M2" in that image into a variable. I'm so annoyed. Arma has this big API that makes you think your idea is possible, then it has these random holes that makes your idea impossible. Thinking of giving up modding and just developing full games, fed up being at the mercy of some patchy API. So annoyed as I am half way through a mod that requires knowing what the current weapon is for the non primary turret. What a waste of ***** time.

Surely there's a way to get the weapon a unit is controlling? Surely? The weapon class is right there on the **** screen, M2.

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Would really appreciate a straight answer rather than getting ignored.  I get ignored 80% of the time but this one takes the **** as I'm halfway though developing something and i've ony just realised there's no commmand to get. It's just so fundamental I assumed there would be a function. So annoyed.

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