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Arma 3 Helicopter Collective control's help!

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Hello, I have the thrustmaster full pack (T-rudder, Throttle HOTAS and Joystick HOTAS) 


When I try setup my throttle to the collective on the helicopter controles (analog) It seems that 0 to -100 has no effect what so ever. wich means half of my throttle are unuseable xD.

Is there something I have done wrong? Can I change that -100 is 0 ? 


Right now I use my Z+ to collective up (Analog) and Z- to collective down (Analog) and thanks that I got Z1 too I use Z1+ and Z1- the opesit for the Z axis. with this I can just increas the Z1 with like -100 to -80 and than use the whole Z axis for up and down..

BUT this is really pain when its not common keybind to have.




PS: readed this: 

 but seems like they didnt find the answer I was looking for there.

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