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Kampfgruppe Schweiger | NA | Combined Arms | World War II | ***RECRUITING***

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Kampfgruppe Schweiger

"Bereit für das Vaterland zu kämpfen"




Kampfgruppe Schweiger WW2 Realism Community


Who are We?


Kampfgruppe Schweiger is a World War 2 Semi-realism unit that represents the frontline soldiers of the German Heer. We are a unit made up of veteran Arma players and new ones alike. Currently we have campaigns planned for all major theatres the Germans fought in from Poland to North Africa and Russia to France. We consider ourselves a Virtual Reenactment Group, since we try to portray the frontline life and the drill that as common at the time.


The Panzergrenadier Kompanie are the backbone of our Organization, formed from of 3 standard platoons of 3 squads each and 1 heavy platoon with mortars and heavy mgs. With the panzergrenadiers come the panzers. Without them we wouldn't be able to engage our heavier Armoured British and Russian counterparts on the field. Lastly are the Luftwaffe providing air supremacy and Close Air Support for the Panzergrenadiers and Panzers.




Available Starting Roles

  • Gewehrschutze (Rifleman)
  • Funker (Radio Telephone Operator)
  • MG-Schutze (Machine Gunner)
  • Panzerjager (Anti-Tank Rifleman [Until 1943])
  • Sanitater (Medic)
  • Kraftwagenfahrer (Vehicle Driver)
  • Kraftwagen-schutze (Vehicle Gunner - Halftrack)


Currently we are in demand of riflemen and Panzerjagers as well as halftrack crew




All events are at 1930 Eastern Standard Time

  • Thursday: General Training Day 1930 EST - 2130 EST
  • Sunday: Main Operation Day 1930 EST - 2130 EST


How to join

If you have any questions or wish to join the Kampfgruppe do the following instructions

  1. Join the discord at: Discord Link
  2. Fill out the Application in #recruitment_processing
  3. Wait for a DM from a recruiter or @ a recruiter

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