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Arma 3 Launcher marks some subscribed Mods as unsubscribed

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I need help this is my last try idk what to do to solve this bug or issue.

Since 3 Months i have the bug/issue that the Launcher marks subscribed some mods as unsubbed or the are missing completely in the list. I tried to verify Game files nothing changed, i tried an complete new install for the game itself (not the workshop stuff), i tried the methode "Re-downloading Workshop Mods"


it worked only once at the first try. So would be cool if anybody have the same bug and found a solution or so. 🙂


EDIT: So yesterday i deleted all the Workshop files and Steam downloaded over 400gb of mods agin ( i have total 1400 mods) but the problem still exist... I had a look in the "Steam Workshop Folder and in this folder are all my Mods downloaded  but in The Arma 3 Workshop folder are just 1200 mods so in the launcher are missing 200 Mods. I think the problem is caused by Bohemias Launcher and not by Steam. 


I will post some screenshots for better comprehensibility i really hope for help.






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Better comprehensibility with screenshots.

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