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extDB 3 recompiled (new Windows and Linux 64 bits binaries)

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Hello everyone,


Since the official repository is down, I created an archive repository. But with the new version of Arma, we have now a 64 bits server for Linux.

As far as I know, nobody compiles extDB3 for 64 bits, so I decided to make it.


Before that, I need to know how it works, so I decided to rebuild it on Windows. The DLL is compiled and works with the test tool (I replaced it and use a new TBBMalloc), but on my Arma 3 server, I have this error: the application is not a Win32 application.

What I am missing here? I don't understand this, if anyone had already this problem in the past and resolve it, please answer me.




EDIT: maybe it's not the best category for this post

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