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Game bugs and issues on switch

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Hello, my name is trent, and I would like to bring some game bugs to your attention!. 


Mortar strikes- as amazing as this item is, it has some major bugs and issues that need to be fixed asap, the explosion of the mortar is able to deal damage through building this is extremely irritating to encounter. And gives other players an unfair advantage. It seems to be a constant issue, as well for players are exploiting the bug 


NO GAME CHAT?- For a survival based game that relies on hearing all the sounds around you as well as your teammates, this put switch players like myself at a huge!! disadvantage for we can't hear the game properly or communicate efficiently. Xbox players have party chat yes I get that, but switch has nothing! I currently have to use discord along with blaring my switch witch can't go loud at all and it gets me killed every time, this and this issue alone is what has made me and 15 other of my buddys avoid playing this game, xbox dose not run into this issue. 


Recoil on switch- the recoil on weapons on switch is absolutely absurd no wepon control at all! This has caused me to die 5m infront of another player more then enough times. the recoil on semi fire is no better its just uncomfortable and weird to control. 


So far this is all I and other people have had issues with in the game and we really enjoy the game but these issues make me not want to play the game at all. I hope you people at bohemia studios apply these changes or consider them, this will bring alot of popularity to this game! And help players feel like our input is actually listened to.

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Hello, thanks for the feedback - we're working constantly on fixes and improvements, so you can look forward to them.

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