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Exile Script Release - Improved Revive/Helicrash/Base Mover/Public Virtual Garage + More

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I am releasing a handful of addons and scripts created over the years for Exile Communities such as AWG/Infinity Exile. 

Thanks to Cloud, Elmoblatch and Adam Kadmon for allowing me to clean up and release some of their popular addons to the community as well.


Below are descriptions, github links and video previews of each smaller addon released. 

You are free to modify them for your server. I have included an example mission in the github release. 

All of these were recreated, fixed up and improved on a vanilla Exile Altis server with no infistar or battleye. You are on your own for anything that pops up with those.

I will not be available to provide any kind of install support, please look at the example missions included if you need help. You are free to post in the Exile Discord #support channel here: https://discord.gg/cmMMHyJ

If there are bugs with the actual released code I can take a look.


Thanks all - best of luck with your Exile Servers. 


Exile Revive:
A very clean revive script that has been used for years on InfinityExile with no issues. Keeps primary weapons and doesn't lose them to the void.
Github: https://github.com/Andrew-S90/ExileRevive
Video Preview:


Exile Build Check:
Simple XM8 App that allows players to check the location to see if it is buildable
Github: https://github.com/Andrew-S90/ExileBuildCheck
Video Preview:


Exile Base Mover:
Simple Script and modification that allows an admin to call a function to move a players base around.
Github: https://github.com/Andrew-S90/ExileBaseMover
Video Preview:


Exile Flag Hacking:
Cloud's original flag hacking, credits to InfinityExile. Cleaned up for release. 
Github: https://github.com/Andrew-S90/ExileFlagHacking
Video Preview:


Exile Public Virtual Garage:
Cloud's original public virtual garage, location based single vehicle virtual garage. Can be placed in a trader or anywhere on the map. Credits to InfinityExile
Github: https://github.com/Andrew-S90/ExilePublicVirtualGarage
Video Preview:


Exile Persistent Vehicle Spawner:
Allows random persistent vehicles to be spawned around the map. Boats along the coast. Very customizable. Vehicles can spawn in towns, along roads, fixed positions, 100% random or on the coast (boats). They will persist over restart.
Github: https://github.com/Andrew-S90/ExilePersistentVehicles
Video Preview:


Exile Helicrashes:
Simple helicrash script that spawns crashed helicopters with smoke and random loot at server restart. Very configurable.
Github: https://github.com/Andrew-S90/ExileHelicrashes
Video Preview:


Exile Incoming Missile:
Triggers a visual warning when a missile is locked on and fired at a vehicle.
Github: https://github.com/Andrew-S90/ExileIncomingMissile
Video Preview:



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Does the Public Virtual Garage work for more than one location? eg if I string nested coords together like [100,100,0],[200,200,0] etc?

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