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27th SFG Milsim Recruitment Page

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27th Special Forces Group - 27th SFG is a milsim unit modeled after Army Special Forces. We currently operate 2 ODA Teams, ODA 271 "Achillies" and ODA 272 "Leonidas". We also have a fixed-wing squadron (74th Fighter Squadron) and a Rotary-wing detachment (160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment).

We are fans of story based campaigns, which means all of our missions will have a backstory narrative that plays out throughout the entire mission set. We believe this adds to our operational immersion for members.

We focus on having a fun environment for people to come and hang out. Our operations will consist of (but not limited to) unconventional warfare, direct action, special reconnaissance, counter terrorism, HVT extractions, and other high-risk operations. Our missions can progress from talking to the local populous to breaching a compound and extraction of an HVT.

Training & Operation Schedule:
Wednesdays at 9 PM EST: Team Training Exercises
Fridays at 9 PM EST: Main Operational Deployment
Saturdays at 9 PM EST: Main Operational Deployment

Available MOS roles:
*Note: All incoming recruits will start as 18X Special Forces Candidates. Once recruits complete advanced training, their respective 18 Series MOS will be assigned.
18B - Special Forces Weapons Sergeant
18C - Special Forces Engineer Sergeant
18D - Special Forces Medical Sergeant
18E - Special Forces Communications Sergeant

18F - Special Forces Intel Sergeant

Aviation MOS roles:
153A Rotary Wing Aviator (Open)
11F3B Fighter Pilot (Open)

How to Join:
If you're interested in talking to us or joining our unit simply go to our Discord


Requirements For Joining:
16 years of age or older (No Exceptions)
A legal copy of Arma 3
Working microphone
A willingness to Download our mods
No experience in ArmA or Milsim REQUIRED
Anyone who wants to be part of fun and dynamic team can join

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