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Kaede Takagaki

paradrop ALL AIs in One time without RHS?

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Hi All:


I am facing trouble that RHS infantry paradrop waypoint causing much stress to my CPU In unknown reasons and finally the game quit with the error of 0x0000005.


So I decided to let AI paradropped by script:

Currently , this what I using(the plane named as T1)


0 = [ ] spawn {{unassignVehicle _x;

_x action [“Eject”, T1];}  
forEach (assignedCargo T1);}

AIs able to jump out and no errors happened again, however the space between each AI seems so large and it made the paradrop line so long....


I notice that if the plane suffers damage in some degree, ALL crew and passengers will jump out the plane in same time so I wonder that script might working on improving my paradrop, but I am not sure how to write that script, could anyone provide some ideas? 


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It might sound insane but maybe you can try:

nameOfUnit1 action ["Eject",T1];
nameOfUnit2 action ["Eject",T1];
nameOfUnit3 action ["Eject",T1];
nameOfUnit4 action ["Eject",T1];

Have witnessed similar situations so I just placed different triggers with same conditions and with the sleep timer. As long as it works and it is simple I keep it. Pros might find such things funny but since it works and does not lag anything ... :thumbsup:


And if the above does not work maybe these will:



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Another "stupid" and not-based-on-concrete-foundations (I usually don't mind about "stupid" solutions but this not-based-on-concrete-foundations thing is something that I definitely do not like, just trying to help here).


You could try to call your script as the problem may be that the scheduler serves other scripts in between and the delay between runs of your script is longer than required.


Keep in mind that this is UNTESTED, so treat with caution!


Please let us know if this worked or not and good luck with it.

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