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Enable team switcher in single player missions?

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Well, I'm disappointed. I thought I would be able to make an addon that would enable team switcher in the single player campaign (or any single player mission). Apparently not.

Firstly, I started the Fait Accompli mission as specs ops in ArmA 3's Stepping Stone mini-campaign. The team switcher key (default is U) is disabled, the team switcher window does not show up.
Secondly, using the Simple Single Player Cheat Menu, I ran:

enableTeamSwitch true;

The team switcher now works! But there are no soldiers in it.
So let's select a team member:

_units = units group player; // [BIS_SpecialPlayer,B Pariah:2,B Pariah:3,B Pariah:4]
_unit = _units select 2; // B Pariah:3

So close, now let's make him switchable:

 addSwitchableUnit _unit;

Aaaand nothing happens. Weirdly, when I press the team switcher button it is now disabled (nothing shows up). Even if I run enableTeamSwitch true again it remains disabled, almost as if it knows I'm trying to hack it.

Does anyone know why this is? Anyone have any solutions? I'm a fan of the Arma 3 single player experience and a addon that would enable team switcher in the single player campaign would be brilliant! It would give missions a GTA V feel where you can switch from a sniper you've put on a hill instantly to a HMG operator in the middle of the action... 😞 seems to be locked off though. Any ideas, it is a bit of a hack so I guess it might not be possible.

Update, I can manually switch player doing this, so I think it's just a matter of creating my own team switcher window:

_gang = units group player;
_target = _gang select 2;
selectPlayer _target;

Still if any BI staff or geniuses have any tricks to 'properly' allow the team switcher in a single player mission I would be interested!

Update and TLDR, once enabled, team switch works perfectly in all sp campaigns. It's ONLY Stepping Stone that aggresively shuts down Team Switch. Why is this?

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The "All-in-One Single-Player Project" mod by Leopard20 has an option to enable team switching and it generally works fairly well or at least it has in most of the missions that I've used the option in. However, it sometimes breaks the AI for the character that you switch from. Sometimes after switching, the character that you switched from will stop in place and not follow waypoints or mission objectives. I haven't tried it in the official campaigns or missions but it's worth a try and it has many other very useful features. It's one of the mods that is a part of my base mod set for SP that I never play without. Try it out and see if it fits your needs.





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