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Modifying cfgWeapons questions

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How can I find the game's default cfgWeapons, so that I can see complete entries and begin to understand what things mean?


In particular I want to change weapon dispersion and recoil. 


While looking at mods that do similar things, I cannot discern what the following entries mean, or why different weapons have different entries:


class Single : Mode_SemiAuto
class Burst : Mode_Burst
class FullAuto : Mode_FullAuto
class Single : Single
class Burst : Burst
class FullAuto : FullAuto
class manual : Mode_FullAuto
class manual : manual
class LowROF : Mode_FullAuto
class HighROF : LowROF
class close : manual
class short : close
class medium : close
class far : close
class short : short
class medium : medium
class far : far
class manual : MGun


What is the exact difference between these?


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