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Script not working in multiplayer

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hi everyone. im trying to execute a Ghost recon camo script (wich you can find here ) to a MPmission. i have two problems with it. 1- i don't know how to use it in multiplayer, it works fine in single player but when i launch local server it's not showing up. 

2- in single player, when i use its features for first time it's good, but when feature (camo) recharges, i have two actions in my scroll menu and when i use it again (after recharging) i have 3 action in my scroll menu and so on and so on. 

I'll appreciate your help.


Ghost Recon-Active Camo script


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1- Try placing what you have in the init.sqf to the initPlayerLocal.sqf .

2- Seems to be a known issue with the script that has not been fixed:


Checked it out and it indeed has two lines of addAction seemingly doing the same thing. The thing is to change a script you have to have permissions and such, whereas the thread does not state we can alter it. Hence I did not research it any further. Best of luck with your project!

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