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[SP Campaign] Nirvana: Eventide

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Nirvana is a science-fiction story set in the year 2156, around the slow economic collapse of an attempted Utopian society called the United Nations of Earth. As the tensions between the four planetary Constituent Nations of the UNE continue to rise, a project that could change Humanity's future forever develops in the shadows.

Conceived as a love-letter to science-fiction stories such as Mass Effect, the Expanse, FreeSpace 2, Blue Planet, and more, Nirvana follows Lieutenant Christopher Graham as his life becomes intertwined with the greatest and bloodiest turning point in Human history.

Featuring eight fully voice-acted missions and several cutscenes, Act 1: Eventide is the humble beginning of an increasingly ambitious journey.





  • Eight fully voice-acted missions including a mission on the Lunar surface
  • Four fully voice-acted training missions
  • Several fully voice-acted cutscenes
  • Custom "menu/hub" mission with mission selection, database and credits
  • Deep lore with an integrated database for reading
  • Custom futuristic HUD with integrated compass, ammo/health tracking and more
  • Animated briefings before missions
  • Many interesting fiction pieces such as articles, audio files and more sprinkled throughout missions
  • Carefully selected soundtrack by Lorn and several others



Simply subscribe to the campaign and load it as you would a mod, alongside the required modset. Once in-game, go to to Singleplayer -> Campaigns -> NIRVANA: EVENTIDE and play the menu mission. It is recommended to always go to the menu mission and start/continue the campaign from there.


It is strongly recommended that you play only with the required mods as any other mod may break the campaign or introduce unwanted behavior. The only exceptions are mods such as JSRS or Blastcore as these do not alter base gameplay.


Nirvana: Act 1 - Eventide is the first act out of a planned total of four. Production has already begun on Act 2 - Kindling, with an even more ambitious total of fourteen main missions and six hub missions. Act 2 will possess a fully-realized conversation system similar to Mass Effect's, where your decisions and interactions will affect the future result of the story down the line.



  • Cutscenes may be obscenely loud for unknown reasons. Currently looking for solutions.
  • The custom HUD was designed before I had full knowledge of the Pixel Grid system, so the interface may not work properly unless you have your interface size set to 'very small.' This will likely be addressed as development on Act 2 continues.
  • Due to Nirvana using Arma 3 in ways it was perhaps not intended for, it is likely that some things may break or behave unpredictably as time goes on. Please do not hesitate to point out these issues so that they may be fixed ASAP.
  • The overview picture for the campaign in the Campaign menu may not show sometimes.




  • Jori Villaveces for revising and playtesting Act 1 and helping co-write the following three Acts.
  • Justin T. Rico for playtesting and providing exhaustive QA notes.
  • All our friends who kindly provided their voice talents.
  • Bohemia Interactive for providing such an infinitely-customizable sandbox experience.
  • Volition for creating FreeSpace 2, which served both as inspiration and a platform to create Nirvana's space-based cutscenes.
  • The FreeSpace 2: Blue Planet team for creating one of the best user-made stories ever and serving as the main inspiration for this campaign.
  • Adobe for providing the tools I used day in and day out.
  • Article 2 Studios for Operation: Trebuchet.
  • The Opposition Team for ME: Opposition.
  • Polpox, Bushlurker, Goschie and Alias for their helpful mods, maps and scripts, respectively.


















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Quick update to remove Contact DLC dependency that was left over from development.

Also added a google drive link for direct download.

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WOW! Finally an "Expanse-esque" campaign! And thankfully standalone (I mean, doesn´t dependends on many obscure mods lol)


Awesome, gotta try it right now! Many kudos and hoping for the sequels


[edit] Unbelievably well written, so throughlly, you guys even wrote a Spacial Constitution lol... got so hyped, but unfortunatly I have a serious problem with SWS mods, and this campaign requires Mass Effect mod and JM´s strutures which are only available at SWS.... a pitty, all the rest I had on my SSD, except those 2 mods... =(
My compliments still stands, awesome work, hope to get a hold on those 2 mods someday so I can enjoy this campaign



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Thank you for the compliments!


Could you describe the issue you have with workshop mods? Perhaps there's a workaround or some way to solve it.

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10 hours ago, alpha993 said:

Thank you for the compliments!


Could you describe the issue you have with workshop mods? Perhaps there's a workaround or some way to solve it.

I need 100gb of free space to steam download all SWS mods I´m subscribed and I don´t have it (SWS doesn´t downloads separate mods, it´s all or none... )


That´s why I only use manually installed mods from armaholic or gdrive, etc

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