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Aircraft: Dynamic Loadouts and Turrets

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For my script JEBUS, I want to allow editors to set up dynamic loadouts in Eden and have the script save them to spawn in as needed.


I have this working for single seat aircraft, but I just realised there is a problem with dual seat aircraft.


What I have been doing is:

_vehiclePylonMagazines = getPylonMagazines _vehicle;

and later, when I spawn a vehicle:

{_newVehicle setPylonLoadOut [(_forEachIndex + 1), _x} forEach _vehiclePylonMagazines;

This works for all single seat aircraft, but as @denizzcerrah recently discovered, it doesn't work for UAVs, because the pylons are assigned to the pilot and not the gunner.


So then I tried this:

if (_newVehicle isKindOf "UAV") then {
	{_newVehicle setPylonLoadOut [(_forEachIndex + 1), _x, false,[0]];} forEach _vehiclePylonMagazines;
} else {
	{_newVehicle setPylonLoadOut [(_forEachIndex + 1), _x, false,[]];} forEach _vehiclePylonMagazines;

This fixes the problem for UAVS, but what about helicopters?

On the Blackfoot and the Kajman, the gunner controls all weapons (except the chaff dispenser), so I can treat them like UAVs

But on the Wildcat, the pilot controls the weapons, so I'd need to create an exception there.....


And obviously, I would like to support mods, some of which have a mix of weapons assigned to pilots, gunners and maybe even other turrets.....


So, am I faced with having to save every weapon and magazine for every turret?


And then clearing out my spawned vehicle and adding everything back?


Or is there an easier way that I'm missing?

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