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Is it possible to use mod folder shortcuts for a dedicated server?

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I am setting up a dedicated server and I have started adding mods.  I had a problem that the server wasn't recognizing the RHS black hawk I had in the mission file which I solved by creating a copy of the arma 3 client's mod in the server root folder.  I'm glad I solved the problem, but this also creates another.  I have limited space on the server storage but I would like the mods to be kept up to date automatically.  That's the reason I spent $8 on another copy of arma.  (also because steamCMD timed out downloading larger mods)  Is there a way I can use shortcuts to the mod folders in the root directory and have the server recognize it?  Or is there another way to deal with the problem?

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you mean create a virtual link to a different none root file structure, if so



if you mean define the mods the server will run then -mod= just like on the client, or -servermod= for serverside only mods

afaik, and I dont do this, you can have the server subscribe to  steam mod collections. I would imagine this auto updates then

I prefer manually controlling content on the server, or rather via a complex set of updating scripts based on a master mod install

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