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Dune Buggies - M1161 and FAV

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buggy3.jpg   M1.jpg


Includes the M1161 "Growler" (port from my A2 mod) and a brand-new Chenowth-style dune buggy "FAV" (Fast Attack Vehicle) in several versions.  Also includes a Civ dune buggy in nice fruit flavors :)  It is REQUIRED to hum the A-Team song when you're driving them around!  These are a blast to drive and play with... hope you enjoy! 





Posted to Steam as well as my OneDrive!





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FIX: M2 gunner optics view
FIX: M2 gun aimpoint
FIX: Occasional popup error
FIX: M240 sometimes missing sounds
IMPROVED: Reduced M240 smoke cloud
IMPROVED: FAV geometry
NEW: Added "Flip Vehicle" user action


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