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I am thinking about buying Arma 3, but I want to know what to do next.

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Hello, my name is fortheiy12, and I want to become part of the 'ArmAverse' as you may call it. 


In the coming days, I will be buying Arma 3, but I haven't really found any good tutorials explaining how to get into Arma 3.

I know that most people will tell me to go to the very detailed tutorials, but from basic FPS and Roleplay game experience, I know that single player tutorials can't explain the full scope of multiplayer concepts.

I am wondering if anyone has any good recommendations on Multiplayer servers and Video Tutorials.


Please feel free to reach out to me!

Discord: fortheiy12#0402

Other notes: Yes, I do come from Roblox, yes I know, but I am a developer in that, and currently it's the only thing I can do to make money. I would also like to make clear that I don't want to start a Arma/Rbx war, that is not why I created this post, thank you.

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More notes I forgot to put in: Yes, Roblox does have a gun system that is VERY similar to Arma's gun system, we actually have two. Please don't say that we copied Arma, cause A. You can't copyright an idea and B. That does not AND will never repersent all of us, most developers on Rbx use there own gun systems. Thank you.


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What kind of multiplayer are you looking to get into?  Coop, PvP, survival, roleplay, king of the hill, capture the island, escape from the island, ...? 

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Multiplayer Game Types

  • Unknown   - Undefined Game    
  • DM   Deathmatch
  • CTF Capture The Flag
  • Coop   Cooperative Mission
  • CTI Capture The Island
  • SC Sector Control
  • TDM Team Deathmatch
  • RPG Role-Playing GameRPG
  • Sandbox
  • KOTH King Of The Hill
  • Last Man Standing
  • Survive
  • Zeus
  • Support
  • EndGame
  • Apex Campaign - Apex Protocol
  • Escape
  • PatrolCombat
  • Vanguard
  • Warlords
  • CoopCooperative MissionCoop
  • DM Death MatchDM
  • Team Mission
  • CTF Capture the Flag
  • SCont Sector Control
  • CTI Capture The Island
  • FF Flag
  • Hold

Arma 3 Field Manual - Multiplayer


Guide to Online Etiquette


Contact Reports


Radio Comms




Transport helicopter Role



If you need further information in general:

General game guides, FAQ's, Manuals, & Tutorials Compilation


Welcome to BI forums btw!

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Try checking out


There's also this page which I've never been able to get my head around because you're not allowed to actively recruit players but you can passively? Who knows!





Alternatively in the multiplayer lobby use the search function for different game modes.


Or you could search the workshop for large Coop missions see who makes them and follow them to the servers they play on



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