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Marshall's Tandem Mod [Release]

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Marshall's Tandem Mod

for a few months, I've been working on a tandem skydiving mod and today I'm proud to announce that ill be releasing this mod to steam workshop in the next few weeks I am working on the final touches to make this mod be able to move from the Alpha build to open it up for a public Beta. below is some media showcasing the mod and after that is a list of current and future features.







Current Features:

  • ACE Compatibility from launch
  • BackpackOnChest by DerZade Compatibility from launch
  • Compatibility with most base and modded parachutes (primarily tested with base game steerable parachute)
  • Compatibility with both walking to deploy (I.e C-130 or C-17) but also from seated air vehicles (I.e Helicopters)
  • Item required to establish a tandem mode
  • Fully Multiplayer Compatible

Planed Features:

  • Clipping in and out sound effect
  • Custom animations for the actual fall
  • Custom animations for in-vehicle (Long Term)


Below I may or may not have put a small trailer that i quickly made as a showcase i do plan on doing a proper cinematic trailer for the mod in the future


How to use the mod on the release:

  1. go to an arsenal and get a tandem harness and parachute

From land:

2. find a tandem buddy and use ace interact with them and attach them

3. then jump off an edge :))))

From a Vehicle:

2. Jump in a passenger seat in an air vehicle both you and your tandem buddy need to be in a cargo seat

3. use ace interact on the buddy you want to jump with and select jump with tandem (or something like that)


Required Mods:


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