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Ive been through so many forums and posts about this topic of enemy AI following players.

I still cant get it right,

All I want is code in the int of the AI who is to hunt the player.

Some of the code i have found works but i cant figure out how to get the AI to constantly update my position so truly follow me.

The only scripts i have found give my original position when the game starts and the enemies move to that point then stay there.


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Thanks for sending me down the right rabbit hole.. 

I am no coder so still had to look around for some ideas, eventually ended up with this


1)  In my players init I wrote "team1 = group this" 
2) In OPFOR squadleaders init I wrote "team2 = group this"
3) On a player activated trigger i put on activation   "_stalking = [team2,team1] spawn BIS_fnc_stalk;" 

I have multiple enemy squads dotted around each activated with a different trigger..

This worked perfectly!

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