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(Question) Teleport vehicle up in the air in Zeus

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Been looking around for a way to teleport a vehicle up in the air X amount of meters in Zeus with no luck.

I've tried "BIS_fnc_setHeight" and teleport commands but none them will work.
I want to execute the command via the "Execute Code" module from ZEN or via the vehicles init (in Zeus).
The vehicle in question will contain players, that's why I wanna be to execute it in Zeus.

I can't for my life find something that will work and would love to know if someone is sitting on the secret of how to do this?

Looking forward to a hopeful fix.

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Place the vehicle on the map. Using your mouse, lift the vehicle X meters above the ground.

Click on the vehicle and obtain the vehicles coordinates. There are 3 coordinates:

North-South,  East-West,  Above-the-Ground


Now place a trigger on the map. The trigger has a command:   car1  setpos  coordinates.  

When the trigger fires, the car will be teleported to the position above the ground.

Obviously it will then fall to the ground.

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