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Hello fine folks,

I've got a friend who's getting kicked with the error Steam authentication failed with the following lines in the .rpt:


Version 1.98.146373 
Fault time: 2020/08/24 21:55:45 
Fault address: 8000A90E 00:8000A90E 
Unknown module 
file: OUR_Mission (__CUR_MP) 
world: Malden 
Prev. code bytes: 00 00 48 8B 17 EB 5D 4C 8B 42 58 4D 85 C0 74 0E 
Fault code bytes: 49 8B 00 48 89 42 58 66 44 01 6A 74 EB 2E 4C 8B

He already reinstalled steam, arma 3, launched without mods. We just checked his router settings and firewall plus his windows firewall.
We have quite some guys with IT background in our clan but are running out of ideas.

Have any of you encountered a similar issue? What more files can I provide to help sort this out?

Thank you in advance,

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Log out of steam, and then log back in then try it, also for his antivirus if hes using one be sure that it excludes the game files

from automatically being scanned.


If your friend is getting this message or something similar ----->  "you were kicked off game. steam authentication failed"

   Means the server couldn't verify that you have steam, restart your steam if you are still having the same issue and or remove

and reinstall steam only if logging out hasn't fixed it.


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Okay we found the issue. 
His profile files were on read only. No idea how they got to this setting but now that he changed them to read and write everything works fine. 

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I am having the same issue described in this thread.  I am trying to apply the fix described above -- change profile folder so that is NOT read-only.  when I change the folder so it is not read-only, however, it auto-changes it back every time i leave the folder window.  any recommendations?

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