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RVMAT in Mission - texture path problems

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Hi all,
I've run into a small problem today.
I wanted to set up some custom textures and a material in my mission and do some magic with it with scripting. I wanted to use the Super Shader but the game won't let . me

The main problem is just the paths to the textures/maps in the rvmat. It's easy in the Addon editing, but how can I make the texture paths relative to the mission? I'm just getting an error that it could not load the texture.



class Stage1


I have the "data" folder in my mission root and the path is as follows above. File exists and it's not corrupted I guess - TexView2 sees it properly. I tried changing the path to e.g. textureTest.lingor3\data\... or using __FILE__ but no joy either.

Could anyone shed some light on that please?


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