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Vindicta: Altis 90's is an addon for Vindicta that adds the ability to use Altis 90's factions and equipment in the Vindicta scenario.



Three factions to add to your Vindicta playthroughs
- AAF (90's)
- Winter AAF (90's)
- Altian Police Department


- rrrrrrrrr on the Global Mobilization Discord for the assistance rendered in helping me troubleshoot issues.
- Vindicta mod team for creating Vindicta as well as guide for adding mods to their scenarios

- I myself do not play Vindicta, i am completely reliant on user feedback to determine if the scenario is playing well, if things are as it should be, or if there are any issues on either a technical level or gameplay level.
- This mod, as you can guess, is completely dependent on Altis 90's, Vindicta, and Global Mobilization to run in a Vindicta scenario, if you dont have any of those, i suggest you correct that before complaining.


Arma Public Licence - Share Alike

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That's pretty nice! Seeing Altis 90's addon I was thinking 'I  wish someone made a Vindicta faction for this', and a day later I see your thread 🙂 .

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