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Side of created unit via script

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So my problem is when i create a unit via createUnit the side of those units arent the side of the group in what i spawn them. ex:

_gunnerGrp = createGroup [east, true];
_gunner = _gunnerGrp createUnit ["I_NORTH_FIN_Rifleman", getPos player,  [], 10, "NONE"];
_assistantgunner = _gunnerGrp createUnit ["I_NORTH_FIN_Submachinegunner_SGT", getPos _gunner,  [], 0, "NONE"];

they should be east but when i spawn them the circle  is green and they are firing at me.

I dont understand,it supposed to be on the side of the group thah i already created.The unit type is independent btw but should the side of the unit type influence its side when it is spawned?

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