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[MP][COOP] 34 Strike on Kavala

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A mission I made (in-pbo credit is for my in-game name :))

There isn't really a particularly plausible story or such; the east-ies have set up all their units in defence of Kavala, where-as west tries to take them on at a significant numerical disadvantage for some surely serious reason, etc. 😛

Personally I've played and tested it on Veteran, so I'd suggest that but other difficulty-levels should work fine.


Some things it does and doesn't have

It was primarily made to be used for play with a private group of people rather than hosting on a public server but do as you please 😛 (It doesn't really try to do anything on the security front)

It supports being run on a dedicated server.

It doesn't support JIP.

It can technically be played solo (if you can be bothered to team-switch for 6 hours 😄 Unless you're a wizard with AI-management maybe).

It has a fairly comprehensive parameter list (there may be a couple that probably look mysterious, that's on purpose 😜).

It doesn't really support translation (it does have a stringtable but there's some lacking dev as far as I remember, for that to "just work").

It doesn't rely on any add-ons (vanilla).



You'd need to regex the following in mission.sqm before editing it in the game's editor (otherwise the game would remove any such entries altogether, once saving):

Search: (\$STR)(\w+)(;)

Replace: "@STR$2"$3 (including quotes)


Because I'm using the $STR_... way to reference the stringtable in mission.sqm ("@STR_..." has been fine for editing and running as server-player but had issues at least when the clients first acquired the mission from server in testing).


Asset use

Feel free to use any code or asset in there (the musical elements I cannot speak for though, since they're parts or modifications of pre-existing work (sfx are fine though)). Or use/re-release the mission itself in modified ways, etc. It's not all the neatest code though :]



I most likely won't personally bug-fix the remaining things that are broken in there. The core features and actual gameplay shouldn't really have significant issues though.

Some examples:

The vehicle group "Tiger" can spawn stuck or in a dangerous location despite a light attempt to counter that, if placed to a custom location.

The mission-provided UAV stuff doesn't necessarily sync with the UAV-terminal UI.

The parameter-driven teamswitch/respawn/death handling can look a little "obvious"/rough.

Revival parameters are entirely untested; might work, might not.



[Updated: 22:28 24.08.2020: v1-03]



Hopefully somebody will get some fun out of that 🙂

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Cheers! Scripted vanilla coop missions are a surprisingly rare resource. Will try this.

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Neat! It would be interesting to hear what you (or anybody) make(s) of it, even if you find it trash 😄

I just updated the file -- a parameter (experimental preloading availability for commander's live-feeds) didn't apply.

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