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Changing the color of the sky

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I played on an server few days ago and the sky was this perfect blue, no doubt that the server owner / dev did some changes.

I'm looking for to do that on my own server on the Tanoa map but .... i was not able to do it despite numerous tests.

It seems the class CfgWolrds, Weather1,2,3,4,5 and Overcast are the keys of this problem but i can't figure out how or even find CfgWorld into my own files....

Where to put those class ? do i have to create a dedicated config file ? in the mission folder ?

or maybe someone knows how to do that with the PostProcessEffect.


Any help would be appreciated

Many thanks

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Hi @Ltn_D_Hicks ! Welcome to the forums! 

(Glad you survived that chestburster on Fury 161 !)

To address your question: CfgWorlds is a class that's defined in the config for a terrain, not a mission. These classes are set when Arma 3 loads its modules, eg, you need to create and load a specific mod .pbo to make changes to it. 

An example of custom weather effects would be the Sullen Skies mod(s): https://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=33050

Download and unpack it to see how it works.

Seeing as you didn't mention needing a specific mod when playing the mission, I am guessing the creator/Zeus just set the weather to zero overcast without change for the mission. You can do this in the editor, under the menu "Intel".

Or, you can change it during the mission in the debug console with: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setOvercast  

Good luck!

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@Melody_Mike : Lol

I can see that you know your classics, i'm glad of that.

Thank you for the intel, i will download and try to understand the Sullen Skies mod.


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