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[COOP] Soldiers of fortune Malden

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[COOP] Soldiers of fortune



Created by Terrafox


Greetings to all!


I present to you a scenario for a joint game in the vastness of Malden. In your task, as a unit of the "Soldiers of Fortune" corporation, find out the location of the boss of the hostile group "Terracorp", Sturmbannfuehrer Terrafox, and eliminate him.


He moves around the map in any direction in his personal transport. The type of transport is chosen randomly. When Terrafox passes a large settlement, the headquarters informs the players about it by radio. This makes it easier to find, but it is naive to believe that the car will only go on the roads.


Oh yes, I almost forgot ...


The island is occupied by troops loyal to the Terracorp. Patrols, roadblocks, vehicles - everything that we love so much in Escape - mode.

Complete the task, soldier! There will be no reward for failure.




This scenario is at the alpha testing stage. Request all questions, comments, suggestions to reflect in this topic, or send to e-mail: fylantrop08@gmail.com.

No modifications required.

The map is launched on the server [RU] Dimancho Sodliers of fortune.

IP: port: 2335

discord: https://discord.gg/6yGYdG

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Heya @Terrafoks!

Tried to connect to your server. The first time I got an error:

Session Lost - File '@CBA_A3\addons\cba_accessory.pbo' not found.

Which I suppose means that your mission file seems to have a leftover dependency. 

However, after including the mod (and again without it), I wasn't able to connect to the server, at all. 
The mission soundsl like a great idea. Can't wait to try it.

- MM

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