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[SP] WW2 1st ID in Tunisia

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DOWNLOAD (v0.5 Beta)



Join the fight with the 1st Infantry Division in Tunisia, North Africa, in early 1943. With Rommel's Panzer Army Afrika threatening to drive the Allies out of Tunisia, II Corps must open up a southern flank by capturing Highway 17. The problem: the highway and its surrounding valley lies in range of an Axis-held artillery nest. You and your men are tasked with striking the artillery nest and silencing the guns ahead of a larger armored assault to secure the highway and surrounding villages. This scenario is purely fictional, but is inspired by historical events at the time leading up to the Battle of Kasserine Pass.

* A gamified rendering of America's early involvement in the ETO and North Africa
* Witness a large combined op unfold on the excellent Aliabad map, the artillery nest is almost completely hand-placed
* Bonus objectives unlockable in the field
* Access to weaponry, explosives, and vehicles from your starting position, as well as simple mortar support
* Randomized unit presence adds variety to multiple playthroughs

Author's Notes:
* This is my third scenario release for Arma 3, I have a few more WW2-based scenarios close to being able to be released. This is my FIRST attempt ever at making a Co-op friendly mission w/ playable units (and adding playable units to your group), please be patient and let me know if it works or not, I've never made anything besides SP.
* This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. Primary inspiration came from Rick Atkinson's book, An Army at Dawn.
* This is a beta release, some bugs may exist. Also, it's Arma, so there are bound to be things that will affect your playthrough.
* A note on addons: I try my best to keep the list short and limited to quality addons that deliver accuracy and are worth the storage space, that said, I release these scenarios to showcase the incredible free work of the authors of these mods and to thank them for sharing it w/ the community
* It's the closest I could get with the tools at-hand, if you spot something that could be made more realistic or historically-accurate within what's possible in the game, please leave a comment with details!
* Warning: this scenario contains some imagery that is historically-accurate to the period being portrayed. By no means does the inclusion or representation of imagery from this period reflect or represent the views of the author. This is intended for entertainment purposes only, do not subscribe if you are uncomfortable with it.
* If you know of any useful scripts, supports, or other easy to implement features, please leave a comment with details!
* Your feedback is welcome, but to be 100% transparent I make these missions for myself first and foremost and release them as-is, I rarely make updates or changes unless they are clear and easy tweaks made shortly after release

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