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Old Man Skip Time

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Hello! Just recently returned to Arma 3 and scripting, after almost a 1 year break.

Started Old Man scenario, and was pretty enjoy it, great work, noted great time skip and sleeping mechanics, anyway it could be used as standalone? Look through https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Old_Man_Systems

and did not find any mention about it, "missions_f_oldman.pbo" is pretty huge to traverse, may be there is already standalone version existed? to use just this functionality?

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It is possible, to include an Old Man Systems via description.ext file

#include "\a3\Missions_F_Oldman\Systems\commonDescription.inc"

Then Just to drag and drop Old Man Init Module (Systems->Old Man->Old Man Init) for the basic initialization


After that even phone app start to appear in map section, but all the buttons are disabled, you can even put "Tracked Device" module and sync it with an object, so the geo-app in phone should start to beep when you are in proximity of the object, But I didn't found way how to add this app, in Old Man scripts they extensively using

player setVariable ["BIS_CanHaveTrackingDevice", true];
player setVariable ["BIS_hasTrackingDevice", true];
["Detector", true] call BIS_fnc_OM_phone_enableButton;

in fsms and sqf files, but I did not found a way how to init phone app, time spiking and sleeping is also in Alarm section of this phone app, but again icon is inactive.

May be someone found a way how to init this stuff, may be some clues or advises?

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