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CUP CAS Modules mod for Arma 3 by ANZACSAS Steve.   



 - Instant brutal and intense Airstrikes !!

- Enhanced AI behaviour CAS Modules for CUP Mod fixed wing aircraft !! 🙂

- Big Napalm and bomb strikes for great cinematics!

 - Signed and comes with server key.
 - Thanks to bis and the community.

- Thanks to CUP Team.Especially Alwarren for the instant support!!

 - Support module capable!!
 - Comes with example mission for Support Module airstrikes.Found in your @CUP CAS Modules ANZACSAS Mod folder!
 - Enjoy.


Required Addons - 

Napalm Mod


CUP Vehicles



 - Quick how to use -
 - Place module on map.Sync to a trigger with a Radio Alpha activation or whatever activation you choose.
 - Make sure player is equipped with a radio.
 - The direction of the module sets the direction the planes will attack from.
 - Found in the module tab in the editor (F5) in the effects tab.


 - See below for a more in depth how to use guide by Phronk from BI Forums.

Phronk says,
Here's how to place a CAS module in the editor and edit it:

Click the Modules button on the right (Or press F5)
Click the category, "Effects" (It's the third one down)
Click the "Close Air Support (CAS)" item in the list
Place the module on the map
Double-click on it to open the module and edit it
Very bottom category in edit box lets you change type of attack and CAS plane used

Here's how to sync it to a trigger:

Place your Blufor player unit
Place a trigger and set the Activation to "BLUFOR"
Right-click your Blufor player unit, highlight "Connect" and then click "Sync to"
Left-click the trigger; this will sync your unit to the trigger
Right-click the placed CAS module, highlight "Connect" and then click "Sync to"
Left-click the trigger; this will sync your CAS module to the trigger
Also, the azimuth you set the CAS module to will be the direction the CAS plane will ingress from.  If the azimuth is 0, then the plane will come in from the north and egress south.


Copyright 2019[ANZACSAS Steven].This item is not authorised for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named ANZACSAS Steven.



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