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Hey guys and gals,


I'm hoping someone on here may be able to help me.

So i'm trying to do a beach landing type scenario and have some marines in an LAV, I want them LAV to drive up to the shore and spit out the excess troops, thinking "TRANSPORT UNLOAD" waypoint, problem is when the ENY starts firing on them the LAV starts driving around in circles. it starts firing back too, which I don't mind cos.

Is there a script or something I can put into the init field to make the driver more obedient to the waypoints I've given him?

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First of all, mention your addons when you want some help. It's easier to understand or find what issue you encounter.

Any vehicle reacts in combat mode. So, you need to set the behavior of your crew as CARELESS or SAFE. The transported units can have a different behavior, of course.

So, as first approach, try:

driver this setBehaviour "CARELESS";


driver this setBehaviour "SAFE"; driver this disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT";


The difference is light: setBehaviour applies to the whole group even if you mention just one unit of the group. CARELESS is definitive, SAFE can evolve to AWARE then COMBAT along with the situation. If you disable the autocombat (on driver only), the driver stays quiet (safe) but the other crew can fight.

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