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Helicopters and other vehicles

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I recently discovered this game and i enjoy playing it, however if i run a mission i made myself with vehicles such as helicopters and such... i can not fly them or drive them because i dont own the supporters package.

Now i browsed around and found out it is no longer available for purchase, wich for a game that is no longer being developped is an ok decision.

However to have the vehicles still locked by having to purchase something that is not available is not.

You made a nice game and it did not get the deserved audience i think the game is awesome for a free game, i would like to fly around and drive around though...


Is there a way to spawn in vehicles that i can use without the supporter package or activate the supporter package on my account?



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Hi @Legalize89,

Here is some code I found there that could help you...

// Function that creates a parachute over the dropzone marker and moves the player into it.
fnc_letsFly = {
	_height = _this select 0;
	_para = createVehicle ["Steerable_Parachute_F", getPosATL player, [], 0, "FLY"];
	_para setPosATL [getPosATL _para select 0, getPosATL _para select 1, _height];
	player moveInDriver _para;

// This starts the player in the air at gamestart
[400] call fnc_letsFly;

I modified it so it's working in Argo and maybe easier to use.
Just copy the code in the Init
Have a nice flight

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