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[US] [Cold War/ Vietnam] 9th Air Commando Group

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Who Are We?

The 9th Air Commando Group is a new North America based combined arms casual milsim unit that simulates Vietnam and Cold War Scenarios from the 1950s through 1990s. The 9th Air Commando Group contains the 68th Airmobile Infantry, and 15th Aviation Wing. Operations will rotate from periods such as the Korean War, Vietnam, Grenada, Desert Storm, Mogadishu, and so on.

We Offer:

Extensive ARMA experience and training. Custom missions and unit specific mods.
Persistent mission server and weekly operations. We use TFAR, ACE, and are 1st person only for realism enhancement. Other mods include RHS, CUP, and various others to properly simulate the time periods.

We are newly formed and looking for ARMA players old and new to fill our ranks and help build the best vintage themed ARMA unit there is. We hope to talk with you soon.


Age 16+ (May be waived with command approval)
Fluent in English

Available Positions Include:
Pilots & Air Crew
Vehicle Crew

How to Join:

Visit our Discord and speak with a representative!




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The 9th Air Commando Group has recently finished our Alt-History WW2 Campaign "1947", fighting agaisnt the Red Army in Germany after the fall of Berlin.




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Wrapping up 2022 with a new video highlighting our year in ARMA. Check it out!


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