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Combining two models together

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Hey all,

Me and my friend are currently working on some edits to the Pandur vehicle from ARMA 3, we wanted to add some variants such as a commander and medical vehicles. 

My bud managed to make the medical variant with hidden selections and retrexturing the vehicle, which wasn't that hard. However, a commander vehicle is a bit more complicated case since we'd like to at least put some sort of Remote Controlled Weapon Station on top of it. Now, I understand it involves a bit of modelling, I've been playing with this for long enough, but I'm wondering if there's any way we can prepare a separate model file of this RCWS and somehow bind it to the vehicle with config so that it spawns and stays in that position at all times?

It seems that the Pandur is binarized so editing the original p3d is not really an option here; we have to find a way to work around this and I'm just curious if it's possible to have a vehicle which is built from more than one P3D.


I'll be very grateful for all suggestions.


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