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Discord temporary ban not being lifted

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I'd like to report that after a ban from -FM-#9165 for 30 days (i am not looking into why I consider it not fair and IMHO that should have never been given in the first place, I am however sorry to have brought up a difficult topic which may have heated up people, me included, that prevented me to express my thoughts more clearly and to accept that it was time to stop the discussion altogether as we were heading nowhere, and for that i am extremely sorry), after almost 2 months iit was not removed.

The bot wrote:


Hello! I regret to inform you, that you have been banned for 30 days on the ARMA server for the following reason: failure to follow moderator's instructions despite multiple warnings! End of Discussion, means End of Discussion!"

The period is far over and yet (maybe the bot had a problem?) it was not removed, so I'm looking for further insights/help



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Please message moderators directly regarding bans, moderation and other request as stated in our guidelines.


-FM- messaged you, this topic is now closed.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.